JM Instruments is based in Hilton Derbyshire, you can call 01283734388 or email: In addition to the many instruments offered here you can see most of the instruments in one go at Pininterest . Also visit the Greenwich Early Music Festival, 13th-15th November and hear performances by Richard Mackenzie on Student Mandora called Aristocratic Discourses at 11am the 13th, featuring unheard repertoire! Also K'antu Ensemble will be performing at 11am on the 14th the unique Bog Oak lute they won from the EMT magazine competition.

JM Instruments makes a wide variety of lutes fine hand-crafted UK made instruments starting from £884 to buy, or hire older stock lutes;7 crs,11 crs, 13crs, 15crs, 2 Archlutes, 1 theorbo, mandora/gallichon (in construction) etc at £32 per month. Lutes to order are based on extant instruments by Burkholtzer, Frei, Maler, Widhalm, Tieffenbruckers, Edlinger, Harton,Zacher, Hoffmann, Hieber, Muler and more, in museums and collections. You can customise your instrument with decorative extras, even have a power jack attached, as can be seen on a Swan-neck German theorbo-lute based on Leopold Widhalm (See the baroque lutes).

The savings made with the 'student range' could be spent on lessons with a lute or guitar teacher or facsimiles of manuscripts found in historic houses. Also there are plans to increase the range for customers who want to play specific period such as 12crs music or Mandora/Gallichon, providing an affordable instrument to make the delightful forgotten repertoire more accessible to wider audiences. Please take time to enjoy Rod Blocksidge's performances on the 10 course Burkholtzer for Transitional french baroque, 11crs baroque lute after Frei and the latest creation a 7 crs Mandora based on Frei Click! Furthermore to promote the lute, a 6crs student lute made from 7000 year old Bog Oak ribs and fingerboard for the Early Music Today competition and won by K'antu ensemble, based in Birmingham. These lutes are made with fine, slow growing seasoned woods from Europe. The Bog oak is from East Anglia farmland and intended to be an ecological alternative to Ebony for fingerboards.

A student romantic guitar is the latest creation, based on a Terz in the Edinburgh Macaulay, collection (No. 298), hear it played on the 'jamarriage' channel on YouTube to give a taste click! . You can also hear a left-handed 13crs lute, student model, played by Nir Bar Zvi in Isreal, thanks Nir! click!

Customers in the USA can get a fingerboard in Bogwood and rib spacers in dyed boxwood, no problems with/when you fill out the Lacey Act form!.

Current stock lutes for sale include; a 13crs Hans Frei with bass rider, gut strung & DE by Aquilla with some new loaded nylgut, currently on hire, a theorbo after Sellas (MIM 255) also currently on hire, and one 5crs Medieval lute to hire or buy. Sorry but the 6crs 'Childrens Lute' as seen on the Stock page is now sold.

New products will be: a mandora based on the Frei C34 for customers interested in the last popular development of the lute after the baroque.

Click here to see the range available. The 14 course student theorbo based on Sellas (E.547) was commissioned by Oxford Graduate Lutenist/Scholar Richard MacKenzie, click here to hear a Corrente by Kapsberger on this instrument (now a folding theorbo) and you can buy his album, recorded on a Hans Frei (made 2004):, and second cd 'The Parisian Delight' has now been produced, also see him with Adrian Horsewood and Catherine Groom aka Mascherata click!

The Student Chitarrone for continuo based on Magno Tieffenbrucker can be seen and heard played by Alex McCartney at Veterum Musica and after you can view details on this instrument in the Chitarroni menu in the instruments page. This large student theorbo has 17 ribs of Indian Rosewood instead of 51. The rose is tho original and the soundboard has a protective ebony edging, as does the extended neck.

If you are a beginner the popular choice is the Student lute based on Hans Frei. For admirers of  Baroque music there's a fine 11-course Baroque Lute. The student lute range keeps the cost down without compromising quality, just check out the student lutes section.

For the more advanced player is a range of instruments based on extant instruments All woods are from specialist UK suppliers, Indian Rosewood is bought in the UK as bedposts from India, from government owned forests selling rosewood at public auctions. Below are two 10crs lutes based on/modelled on a lute labelled ''Matheus Buchenburg  Roma'' a left-handed one was made for an American customer with a soundboard edging in boxwood dyed black instead of ebony. The spacers between the ribs are also boxwood dyed black, so no ebony has been used but looks the same as a lute made with an ebony fingerboard and soundboard edging.

TN_Buchenburg10crs-front.jpg  TN_Freiblake_incase.jpg

There is a vast resource of lute music on the web that beginners may not be aware of. The music is written in tab similar to guitar tab! A lot can be found via here: check out the links page. Prices are reviewed in January/February, PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE THE CASE . If you are contemplating ordering please go to the How To Order section.