JM Instruments is based in Hilton, Derbyshire (DE65 5AE) Tel: 01283734388. Many various, high quality hand-crafted yet affordable customisable lutes, guitars and lutes available now. All are based on an original, not made up from various historic models. Specialist instruments include the electric mandora (lute-guitar) Read more about the history of the 19th century Mandora in the Lute Society News No 126, July 2018, hear it in ensemble, here. Student instruments give a choice from the online generic factory made lutes with flat un chamfered machine-cut roses with no roped borders. Popular examples are: the student theorbo, based on Sellas (Paris E.547), converted to a folding theorbo in 2013 with an invisible folding mechanism, hear it here, and in ensemble playing Buxtehude (BuxWV75). Then a 10/11 crs Hans Frei for Alex McCartney, hear here. Lastly a 10crs Burkholtzer with yew multi ribs played here, and more on Rods channel, also featuring the 11crs Frei (C34), 10crs Burkholtzer, 8crs mandora and Lacote guitar here.

TN_Sellas_studentTheorbo_Frontincase.jpg TN_11CRS_FREI_MAPLE_FRONTEND.jpg TN_Burkholtzer_wholeside.jpg

See the lutes to on sale or hire and the gallery of the original lutes in museums. The worlds first electric baroque lute was created in 2010 for guitarist Dale Harris, heard here playing Vivaldi's largo and recently Bach on the lute. The Student Terz guitar, was made for another guitarist, Jamie Akers, heard here: track 5&6. Then came the Eco-friendly lute, played here by the K'antu Ensemble. In 2014 the student Mandora/Gallichon was created, here first. Next year the 7crs Lute-Guitar was created, with it's light lute construction but tuned as a guitar tuning in e (a=440Hz), and a familiar 65cm. 2015 saw the creation of the student Quito Marianita Vihuela. 2016 saw the Student 16&17crs Angelique/13crs Baroque lute for playing both repertoires on the same instrument! 2019 brings the student 6 course Spanish Classical/Early Romantic guitar as heard here. Sorry but the 6crs 'Childrens Lute' is currently out of stock. The case is not included in the prices.