JM Instruments (estd. 2005) makes affordable yet customised lutes and lutes in stock now (from £884!*) Phone: 01283734388 or info (at) Medieval Renaissance Student lutes Baroque Mandolino Mandora Theorboes, Chitarroni and Archlutes Romantic guitars

TN_Sellas_studentTheorbo_Frontincase.jpg TN_11CRS_FREI_MAPLE_FRONTEND.jpg TN_Burkholtzer_wholeside.jpgInstruments are based on specific originals and not like the heavier, mass produced cheaper lutes with inauthentic barring, plywood-soundboards, laser-burnt out or drilled out roses, and still claiming to be after Hans Frei or Edlinger ( hear a converted oud-lute) Choose from many woods, rose designs, decorative extras, and stringing. Previous orders include: the student 7crs Frei (2004) hear it here: 'Tales from Louvain' by Richard MacKenzie. More recently, a 13crs Maler/Elg, played by Jon Mendle here (starts at 19:40). The C19th Mandora with Schumanns' Kinderszenen c1838 played here by Chris Hirst .The Electric Lute (2010) played by Dr Dale Harris here.The cheapest lute is £884, commissioned by the National Trust for Knowle, played here.

The instruments pictured above are: the student Sellas theorbo, with an invisible/internal folding mechanism, hear here! (Also hear his student 7crs Frei lute, the 6crs Benedid guitar, and the 11crs student Frei lute). Secondly is the 10/11crs Hans Frei lute played by Alex McCartney. Also in single strung version. Lastly a 10crs Burkholtzer lute, for Rod Blocksidge, now converted to single strings, as is the 11/12crs Frei, and 8crs mandora. He also has a Lacote guitar.

See the surviving museum instruments here. Previous orders: a Terz guitar made for Jamie Akers (hear on his CD, track 5&6), the EMT lute , the Student Mandora, the 7crs Maler Lute-Guitar, the scaled-down student Quito Vihuela, the student 6 course Early Romantic guitar. See all lutes for sale now here. *All prices exlcude case.